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TrainTool & Red Cross win silver 'Excellence in the design of learning content' award

Wednesday November 29th we were in London for the Learning Technologies Awards ceremony, together with over 800 others. We were nominated in no less than four categories, but competition was strong with major brands and projects with hundreds of thousands of participants involved. However, we were awarded the silver award for our online training program developed for Red Cross Netherlands!

lt-awards-podium.jpgAccording to the judges, the tool provides an innovative way to develop soft skills using technology, addressing many of the issues that make this notoriously challenging. Although the course was non-mandatory users and stakeholders were nevertheless positively engaged.

Summary: TrainTool & Red Cross - Developing Volunteers’ Soft Skills Online

Each year the Dutch Red Cross employs over 600 volunteers to make sure walkers and visitors enjoy the largest multiple day marching event in the world in the Netherlands city of Nijmegen. Effective communication between the volunteers is essential as they are working and living intensively together day and night for almost a week. They are a diverse group, with differing skills and the Red Cross wanted to avoid making them travel to the training, so e-learning was ideal. Participants received weekly sets of video role plays and enthusiastically started training, helped by peer and coach feedback. Afterwards they felt they had better skills and complimented the realism of the content, and when asked to grade their own skills in the three areas, their average score had gone up by over 1 point out of 10.

Read our case study with Red Cross below!

Read the case study

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