Utrecht University: "Learning in a safe environment where it is OK to make mistakes" 

Soft skills: indispensable, even in academia. For example, if you’re doing qualitative research by conducting interviews. Asking clear and neutral questions, putting the person being interviewed at ease, intervening and getting to the bottom of things, these are all skills that you can acquire by practicing and practicing. This can be done effectively through online training.

In this case study we will describe how we teach students at Utrecht University how to conduct interviews through online training at TrainTool. We spoke with dr. Ilse van Liempt, assistant professor of Earth Sciences at Utrecht University, about her experiences.

Download this case study to see:
  • How the Earth Sciences faculty trains interview techniques online
  • How dr. Van Liempt was one of the professors providing input
  • If students give each other feedback
  • How students are graded in a final test
  • An example report based on real data

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