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Improved conversation skills for all

There are more effective and enjoyable ways to practice communication skills. With lots of feedback to help you make rapid progress. Faculty of Skills provides the most innovative communication skills training, which is impactful and efficient. 

93 %
of participants are satisfied
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Blended training by Faculty of Skills


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    Award-winning software


    Measurable, scalable, and flexible training of communication skills for large groups of participants. 

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    Practice, practice, and practice again

    Online video role plays

    Smart technology and true-to-life situations allow for infinite opportunity to practice what to say.

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    Laying the cards on the table

    A lot of feedback

    Honest, constructive tips from your personal coach, or from our AI coach Alix.

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    High-tech and high-touch

    Personal contact

    Experienced coaches accompany you in your learning process and help you to develop.

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    Live training with impact

    Learning together

    Our best trainers provide deepening of knowledge and connection. 

Enthusiastic since 2012

What participants say

Fun, educational, and at times a bit awkward


  • Randstad
    review: 9
    “Clear and in a step-by-step process. Great to work with.”
  • Jumbo
    review: 8
    “I found it very instructive because it trains your skills so that you can better and more confidently work in the shop!”
    review: 8
    “As it was good to be able to watch myself. This gave a lot of insight into my way of communicating.”
  • UWV
    review: 8
    “You can watch a recording of yourself. Additionally, you can re-record it until you are satisfied!”
  • Action
    review: 8
    “I find it very instructive because you are brought into realistic situations that are useful.”
  • NMBS
    review: 8
    “It quickly becomes quite clear where you need to pay more attention and that you sometimes forget to revalidate. This is mainly confrontational in a positive sense.”
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