About us

  • Directly applicable in the workplace
  • Theoretically based
  • Challenging
  • With measurable results

We have developed the training we would have wished for ourselves

We are Faculty of Skills, a training agency specialized in developing communication skills. We are also the creators of TrainTool, a unique online tool with which you can practice skills in online video roleplays. Our goal is to let you, as an ambitious professional, communicate better in the workplace. This way, you will have more impact, you will reach your goals faster and you will be able to work well together with everyone you meet.


Online practice with personal feedback

We believe in technology and that technological innovations can make people better. That is why we developed TrainTool. With TrainTool, you increase your knowledge about communication skills and you can practice directly with practical situations. You get personal feedback from our experienced coaches or from Alix, our AI coach. They will tell you exactly what you are good at and what you can improve.

You are going to record yourself on video

And that's kind of weird at first, we know. But more than 100,000 people have gone before you, and if they can do it, so can you.

"It does come in handy for your social communication to colleagues."


"I find it a very nice tool to practice."


"Very strange at the beginning - in the end very nice to practice this way."


"Responding quickly to emotion/question of the customer, is a nice exercise."

Zilveren Kruis

"Great to go through the conversation methods again in this way."

Intergamma Bouwmarkten

"Nice to be able to play multiple scenarios!"

Nederlandse Transplantatie-stichting

We help you move forward

We know the type of people you'll encounter at work and tell you how to deal with them. And you'll learn something about yourself, too.

It's all about you

You train individually, so you don't have to sit in a room listening to other people' problems.

You save time

Travel time of course, because you don't have to leave the house to train. But you also skip all the noise from introduction rounds to lunch and the chatter afterwards.

Can I give you some advice?

Being told what you're not doing right isn't fun, but it's super helpful. And we'll give you a compliment now and then, too, promise. 

Again again!

A long-held wish in real life: rewind, start over and then say something different. In TrainTool, you can.

Something is really going on

Our training programmes have substance and are always based on proven theories and models. 

For you, or your entire team

We have developed the best training courses for the most sought-after skills, with which you can start immediately. In personal training, or with your whole team. 

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Special wishes?

We have plenty of experience with in-company and tailor-made programmes at large organisations. What do you need?

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