Better communication skills for everyone.

That is our mission. After all, better conversations ensure increased mutual understanding, fewer instances of miscommunication, and better contact between people. You immediately see the results of this in the organization’s performance.

Specialist in conversations

Faculty of Skills is a training agency that specializes in communication skills. We believe there is a better and different way to train and develop those skills. For this reason, we developed our own TrainTool software: an online tool with which you can practice having conversations in online video role plays. TrainTool is used in organizations and by students in higher education.

In addition to TrainTool, we create live training courses, offer participants feedback provided by our coaches, and create development programs from A to Z.

Lachend jonge man in cafe aan het werk

It's all about results

We have a fresh view of skills training courses and challenge both ourselves and you to turn ideas into real actions.



We set a high bar for our ambitions. We know that we can change the lives of many people if they improve their conversation skills. We do not aim for anything below that.



We are headstrong. We know what does and what does not work, and we would be happy to share this knowledge with you. We are always open to hear about interesting experiments.



Let’s get to work! If you want to get results, then you simply need to take action. We are not the people to contact if you like hot air and overinflated hip terminology. 



We keep all the balls in the air. For our participants and clients, as colleagues among ourselves and for the world around us. We are here for you.


Bianca en Henrieke

As of 2012

Faculty of Skills was founded by Marijn de Geus and Peter van der Reijden in 2012. Our team is comprised of about 30 people, with a number of freelancers and external specialists to support us. The office is located in Utrecht.

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