Our method

Faculty of Skills has a passion for improvement. We want to provide every participant with the insight and practice needed to improve themselves. But this passion for improvement is also reflected in our approach. We continuously assess our approach and make improvements to our content, implement new interventions, and ensure more effective implementation. Our development team works together with clients and universities every single day. Together, they devise even smarter software and future-oriented experiments that sometimes exceed our wildest expectations.

Technology must be functional and reliable, and all participants should be able to see that the program has been tailored to them. We combine high-tech solutions with a high-touch approach. We supplement this with live training sessions, which has seen us extend our portfolio as a training agency. Our approach consists of a mix of the following elements.

7 unique characteristics


  • TrainTool. This is our award-winning software that is used to train and assess soft skills online. It provides a personal learning path for thousands of participants per program.
  • Measurable. We work towards achieving a measurable improvement of an individual's skills and measure how the improvement of all participants is made visible in the KPIs of the company. Baseline measurements, final measurements, and especially interim measurements provide insight and focus for participants.
  • Fact-based & iterative. We use scientific observations and fact-based results to continue to optimize the training program.


  • Assessments & feedback. Assessments and feedback must be specific and personal. We therefore facilitate this per person, per sub-skill, and per department. This is provided by experts, colleagues, and friends.
  • Coaching. Expert feedback is a skill and must be thorough and given fast. We therefore have a global coach pool who guide participants online, via the telephone, or live.
  • Classroom. These days live sessions are compact and help to encourage enthusiasm, motivation, and integration with online interventions.
  • Customization. Content and interventions are effective only if they are familiar. We therefore provide custom solutions as an extension of the customer-driven organization in terms of content, culture, context, and language.

An aversion to assumptions

We are often asked just what exactly it is that sets us apart from other training and assessment agencies. The seven characteristics listed above and their combinations are then often a part of our answer. However, this is based on an even more important attribute that has been an inherent part of our company culture right from the very start: we have an aversion to assumptions and want to put impressions and perceptions to the test. We use technology, statistics and algorithms, and our wealth of data to uncover which skills matter, what people believe, what intervention will work, and which result we can expect. Our journey of discovery, research, and publications combine to make our organization a type of small-scale university or, at the very least, a faculty where knowledge and skills come together as one efficient whole.