Business for a better world

To solve major problems of climate and social inequality, we need everyone; government, citizens and especially companies. Companies can decide faster than the government and they spend more money than ordinary people. What we decide and how we spend our money matters.

Faculty of Skills wants to have a positive impact on our customers, training participants, employees and the communities in which we operate. We do this by, for example, choosing suppliers and cooperation partners, recruiting new staff and making our training courses accessible and recognisable for everyone.

You can hold us accountable for this.


B Corporation

Faculty of Skills is a certified B Corporation. This makes us part of a global network of companies that harness the power of entrepreneurship to contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable economy.


In good company

There are almost 4,000 certified B Corps worldwide, including about 100 companies in the Netherlands. Companies like Ben & Jerry's, Patagonia and Rituals are a B Corp. In the Netherlands, these include Yoghurt Barn and Auping, but also a digital service provider like WeTransfer. B Corp is a hallmark that is not only about the product itself, such as Fairtrade, but about the entire organization.

You don't become a B Corp just like that

To qualify for the certification, you must demonstrate good work in caring for your staff, your customers, the community and the environment, and your business operations must be honest and transparent. To prove this, an extensive assessment is carried out that is valid for a maximum of three years. The results of that assessment are publicly available. 

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