Faculty of Skills wins international IELA award

Geschreven door Faculty of Skills | September 28, 2021

Faculty of Skills has been awarded an International E-Learning Award. The TrainTool programme developed with Maastricht University, was elected the best blended learning programme in the academic division. The award was given during the International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (ICL) in Dresden, Germany.

400 first year students

IELA Awards Maastricht UniversityThe programme 'Dealing with extreme emotions was created for first-year students of Psychology at Maastricht University. In the programme, students practice conversation skills in TrainTool. In online video role-plays, they get to know a client with whom they are going to perform a psychological test. The communication around the test does not run smoothly and it is up to the students to maintain control in the conversation and put the client at ease. They record themselves on video and a teacher gives them feedback. Each year, 400 students practise their skills with the programme, something that is impossible with traditional role-plays in the classroom.

Not just a cognitive learning tool

Teacher Reinier Kreutzkamp of Maastricht University is a convinced user of TrainTool in his education. Kreutzkamp: "With video, you can really show how something should be done. But you can also put the student in the middle of a real life situation. This way, you have a learning tool that is not only cognitive, but in which you have to learn to regulate your own emotions. With TrainTool, you actually create a kind of laboratory situation in which students can practice skills."


Lees hier de hele case study over het programma voor Maastricht University


About the de International E-Learning Awards

The International E-Learning Awards are given annually to the best projects in the field of e-learning, mobile learning, and blended learning, in two divisions: academic and for companies. A jury assesses the projects on educational quality, effectiveness, usability and general relevance. The awards are an initiative of the International E-Learning Association (IELA). This organisation, founded in New York in 2007, aims to increase the knowledge of e-learning in schools, universities and the workplace.