• EN IG Video in Training-174615-edited.png

      Infographic: 12 striking statistics about video in training

      How important is it to implement video in your training program? In this infographic you will find 12 striking statistics about video in training!
    • klantonvriendelijkheid.jpg

      Customer friendliness, even when the customer is unfriendly?

      Customer service is a top priority for many organizations. But what if the customer himself is unfriendly? How do employees stay friendly in such a situation?
    • Design thinking roadmap S.png

      3 examples of design thinking in soft skills training

      Design thinking presents an opportunity to improve happiness and productivity at the same time! Let’s look at some examples regarding soft skills training .
    • How to microtrain ig EN-521467-edited.png

      Infographic: Microtraining & how to do it!

      In an age of concentration shortage and decreasing attention spans, the learning of a new skill cannot take too long. How to tackle this? Start microtraining!
    • mcblogexamexamen s.png

      4 ways to implement multiple-choice questions in online training

      It always has been and always will be useful: the multiple-choice question. We discuss four ways how they can be used in an online training program.
    • Etraining jaaroverzicht 2016 EN front 626 Social-1.png

      Free Download: E-training: 2016 in numbers

      When do people train? For decades, the answer was simple: on the day they gathered together for a live session. Nowadays, that's a different story.
    • Infographic: 10 striking statistics about mobile training

      We took a good look at our data and discovered some interesting insights. Check out this infographic to find out what they are!
    • Filming video role plays: 10 tips for excellent clips

      To make video role plays realistic, you need high acting-, video- and sound quality. Here are 10 tips specifically for filming the clips!
    • man suit s.png

      Graduated and ready for the job market! Or maybe not?

      Graduated! But well prepared for the job market? Students might need to develop some additional soft skills first!
    • writing s.png

      Writing video role plays: 5 tips for the perfect script!

      A good video role play will never be created without a solid script. Here are some tips to improve your writing!
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