Why your employees don’t start to train - and what to do about it

Not everybody starts training right away after the online program kicks off. That’s okay, since training whenever it suits you is actually one of the advantages of online training. But what if your employees don’t start training at all? We investigated this problem for one of the organisations we work with. What are the 3 most popular reasons to not start training? And how to remove them?

No time to train

The largest part of the non-starters (37%) indicates they simply do not have enough time to train. This feeling istraining understandable, since employees often have other priorities and might have a fixed schedule or a heavy workload. Still, it’s sad to see this is the reason not to start training. It is mostly based on the assumption that training programs take a lot of time, while this isn’t always the case. Our experience shows that once a participant gets started, they quickly notice that microtraining doesn’t nearly take as much time as traditional training programs. Microtraining can be done anytime and anywhere and doesn’t take more than a quarter. At the same time, as an employer it’s important to give your employees enough time and space to develop themselves. An employee should never feel uncomfortable doing a short training session, whether online or live. If necessary, have your employees schedule a moment each day or week dedicated to training.

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