Universiteit Utrecht

"Valuable investment in my education"

“Interviewing, isn’t that exactly the same as talking to someone?” Social Sciences students from Utrecht were not always keen on training their interviewing skills. In addition, the necessary practice was difficult to facilitate with one teacher to at least 25 students. By turning it into a blended course, the importance of practicing became clear, and now students show noticeable progress in their skills. They are really positive about it as well.

Drs. Isabella Spaans, teacher of the course Methods, Techniques and Statistics 4 (MTS4) and the course Organization and Interaction, deploys interview training with Smart Video Role Play in different ways. She received support for this from Educate-it, the platform for educational innovation at Utrecht University.

Download this case study for:
  • The support that Educate-it offers at Utrecht University
  • Experiences of participating students
  • 4 tips from Drs. Spaans for teachers who want to start with Video Role Play

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