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Practising skills online

In TrainTool, students of all levels practice and improve their communication skills. By cleverly integrating the online video roleplays into the curriculum, education becomes much more effective. Students can practice online, regardless of time and place, with real-life scenarios.They do this individually in a safe learning environment, with the options of peer feedback and reviews by their teacher.

Efficient and effective education

Every year, more than ten thousand students at universities, colleges and vocational schools follow the programmes in TrainTool. By letting the students practice online, there is more room for in-depth study during lectures, practicums and other face-to-face meetings.

Impact on education
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Make your choice from the Library

If you want to use TrainTool in your education, you can choose a programme from our Library. It contains ready-made programmes with role plays. We can also develop role plays tailored to your course, or combine existing and new material in multiple languages. You can even choose to have videos recorded by your own media department. In all cases, we assist you with our content and technical expertise to ensure a smooth implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions

From tax advice to conversation skills for veterinarians, tens of thousands of students have followed TrainTool programmes. We are confident to say that we know exactly what you should and should not do to make your educational programme a success with TrainTool. 

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TrainTool is a cost effective solution for all forms of education. The cost of a TrainTool programme is made up of a one-off development cost and a cost per participant. By buying licenses on a large scale, the cost per participant will be lower.

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