More effective and efficient education

TrainTool is the software of Faculty of Skills. In TrainTool, students can practise their communication skills using online video roleplays. They watch a video of a conversation and then record their response to that situation. Teachers and/or peers can then provide feedback on the recorded response. The tool also offers space for extra instructional videos, multiple choice questions and tips. TrainTool is available for use in both a web browser and an app for smartphone or tablet.

Why teachers choose TrainTool

  • More room for in-depth training.
  • Assessments are clear and efficient by including assessment criteria in TrainTool.
  • Assessments in TrainTool can replace more time consuming reflection reports.
  • Excellent support during technical implementation.
  • Easily accessible helpdesk for student questions. They are helped without intervention of the teacher when there are (technical) issues.

Remco-Haringhuizen-rond"We notice the difference during  workshops. Now students say 'yes, I will do it', when I ask for volunteers to practice. You can tell that the students are much better prepared."

Remco Haringhuizen, Teacher Primary Care Medicine at the Radboudumc.

Happy students

Students are very enthusiastic about training with TrainTool. Some have to overcome a little hurdle to record themselves on video, but almost all participants indicate that they get used to it quickly. The fact that students are satisfied is reflected in the figures. 82% of the students indicate that they are satisfied and give the programme a grade of 6 or higher. 38% are very enthusiastic and give the programme an 8 or higher (Sample 2019, n = 978 students). TrainTool is available for use in both a web browser, and in an app for smartphone or tablet.

"I found it a very easy programme to practice the material properly."

Studentreview Testing and Observation Skills, Utrecht University

“It was very helpful and informative. I learnt a lot about respectfully communicating with clients.”

Studentreview Introduction to communication, University of Pretoria



"Watching yourself gives you a clearer picture of your flaws and your strengths."

Studentreview Professional Skills (Psychology), Radboud University

Reviews from students

More effective education

  • With TrainTool, students practice their communication skills individually and unlimitedly, when it suits them, in an online environment.
  • Students learn from each other by giving each other feedback on the online exercises.
  • With TrainTool, students test and evaluate their own development and teachers can use the results to assess students.
  • Because students have prepared themselves well in TrainTool, they have a more uniform starting level and this starting level is also higher.
  • More insight into both the individual progress of students and the level of the group as a whole.

More efficient education

Education will not only be more effective, but also more efficient. Students practice their communication skills outside of contact hours, while the teacher monitors and assesses their progress online. During lectures, practicums and other face-to-face meetings, there is room for in-dept handling of the subject because students have already practised the skills. They can immediately apply the new skills in conversation situations.

Reviews from teachers

"TrainTool fits in beautifully with the development towards more blended education."

Katja van Zalen, Teacher Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

"As a teacher, you have an immediate overview of all the scores after the review."

Femma Roschar, Wageningen University & Research



"I can clearly see that students get better data from an interview after the training."

Isabella Spaans, Utrecht University



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