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Getting started with TrainTool as a teacher

TrainTool as part of the curriculum

You certainly can and many teachers do. It will cost some time and energy, but the advantage is that you can shape or develop the programme according to your own wishes. Our project manager will help you on your way in a number of workshops by showing you the TrainTool environment and giving tips on writing content and scripts for the videos. You can also outsource the production of a customised programme to us, or choose a training from the Faculty Library.

In TrainTool, the teacher decides how often and how much feedback to give to the students, and therefore how much time to invest. Most teachers indicate that by using TrainTool, they spend less time on checking reflection reports or individual coaching of students, because they partly replace these elements with TrainTool.

Yes, TrainTool contains two types of role plays: one for practicing and one for assessments. In practice role plays, students have an unlimited number of attempts to redo the exercises. In assessment role-playing exercises, students have only two attempts to complete the exercise. The second attempt is automatically saved and optionally sent directly to the teacher for feedback.

Yes, as a teacher you get access to the admin environment of TrainTool. In this environment you can keep track of, for example, whether students are on schedule, which students you should send a reminder and which students have completed the programme. You can also see the reviews of students, how often they have given feedback to each other and other useful information.

Participants can ask fellow students for feedback after each exercise. This happens on the initiative of the student. Often, feedback groups are made up of three or four students, with whom you agree to give each other feedback. You can also give feedback as a teacher. In that case, after the student saves the video, it is automatically sent to the teacher.


The first step is to contact one of our consultants. Together we will find out what your question is, what skills need to be included in the programme and how many students will use it. Then we look for the most suitable option. You can choose a programme from the Faculty Library, develop your own programme or have one developed by us.

Both our consultants and project managers will help you to successfully implement TrainTool. Beforehand, you discuss with our consultants the different options for the implementation of TrainTool. They will make you an offer based on your wishes. The project manager will help you with the further implementation, guide you through the tool and is always available for questions and advice. We provide evaluations by sending reports on the progress and success of the programme. We also organise meetings for peers from other organisations where you can exchange experiences and learn from each other.

If you encounter a technical problem you can contact our support department via chat, e-mail ( or phone (+31 30 890 6555). We are available on working days between 9.00 and 17.00.


The exact cost of TrainTool depends on how you use it. The organisation can bear the costs, but in some cases the students themselves pay for the use of TrainTool. More information can be found on the page about fees. You can also contact us to discuss the possibilities.

You need licenses to access TrainTool. Licences can be purchased per person, or per person per training. A participant license allows you to follow a training in TrainTool (for students). The other environments, like the admin environment and the coach environment, are meant for teachers and can be accessed for free when you start using TrainTool.

Dedicated team

Whatever option you choose, you will work with a dedicated team of professionals at Faculty of Skills. You are in contact with your own project manager and are supported from A to Z during the technical implementation. 

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