Develop indispensable skills

We have created the training programs that allow every professional to communicate at the very best level. 

More effective, more efficient, more fun


High learning return and therefore a direct impact on the organization.

Much more frequent individual practice, independent of time and place.

Enthusiastic participants: innovative training format with realistic cases and extremely fast feedback.

Trusted by large organizations

Proud partner

Faculty of Skills works closely with the Dutch top in financial services, retail, transport, and many other sectors.


  • “We are very proud of such a high rating for something so exciting.”
  • “I think co-creation is very important because you keep each other focused.”
  • “We want every train driver to use the correct communication in every incident.”
  • ““Being a good employer means making employees resilient against aggression and teaching them how to deal with threats and violence.””
  • “New employees are trained quickly and well”

Innovation is in our blood

Faculty of Skills is an enthusiastic group of professionals who are full of good ideas to further improve our skills training courses. From developers to project managers, and from learning designers to our experienced consultants.

Bianca en Henrieke