This is why we do what we do

To help as many people as possible in having better conversations. This is the goal Faculty of Skills works every day to achieve. We are driven, enthusiastic professionals, each with our own areas of expertise (and quirks), working together to create the best learning experience for our customers and participants.

Faculty of Skills' people are:

  • committed
  • ambitious
  • headstrong
  • no nonsense


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What we value

  • A drive to learn and work together to continually improve
  • An open attitude toward all ideas and suggestions
  • Working hard and standing ready to help one another
  • Significant responsibility and opportunities for growth
  • An appreciation for good food and drink, for example on a boat
  • We are working to create an open and inclusive organization with room everyone, including his/her/their gender, orientation, cultural background or work disability. 
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What Faculty of Skills has to offer

  • A training budget to keep developing yourself
  • 30 days of holiday entitlement each year when you work full-time
  • A salary to match your knowledge and experience, as well as a pension scheme
  • Freedom and personal responsibility with regard to where and when you work
  • A great office at a fantastic location next to the Griftpark in Utrecht
  • The Faculty Academy: learning from experts together with your colleagues