"A significant skill improvement"

A lot is happening on the busy Dutch railway network. Train drivers have to be able to deal with this well, and most of all, be able to communicate about it clearly. To each other as well as to the train dispatcher. Safety communication prevents misunderstandings and delays. Fortunately, the number of incidents is relatively small. That’s why it’s good to freshen up the safety communication skills every year. How can you offer train drivers real practice? In order to do that, National Railroads (NS) got started with TrainTool in a blended course.

The mission of NS: transporting more travellers safely, on time and comfortably through inviting train stations. Evelyn van Asselt is Human Performance Consultant at NS and in this case study, she will talk about how safety is optimized because train drivers work on their safety communication intensively.

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  • A blended training in one day
  • A measurable improvement in communication skills
  • The grades that trainees award to different training programs

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