Realtime feedback

Alix is the Faculty of Skills’ AI coach. With Alix, participants receive comprehensive, substantive feedback on their role plays in TrainTool within a minute. It is the only application of artificial intelligence in a training solution that gives participants feedback on what they say

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Gold winner at the Learning Awards


Intake scan

The intake scan in TrainTool identifies the participant’s starting level. What is someone already good at and what can they still learn? Of course, there is also time for a final measurement afterwards.

alix scan

Substantive feedback

Alix understands what participants say, even if they use slightly different words. It does not focus on keywords, instead it focuses on the underlying meaning. The feedback report therefore focuses on the substance: what exactly did the participant say and how can it be done differently next time?

alix feedback-1

Large groups

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to have hundreds of participants take part in a training course at the same time and provide feedback in the same way every time. Alix provides feedback without the costs and time burden of additional coaches, and without differentiating between participants.

alix grote groepen2

Realtime feedback

Alix is super-fast: as soon as the participant has completed the role-play, the feedback is provided. This keeps participants engaged and motivated, and increases the learning effect. Because of the detailed and specific feedback, Alix shows no similarity to the behavior of a chatbot.

alix realtime feedback

High satisfaction

Participants are very enthusiastic about Alix's feedback. The speed and concrete applicability of the feedback are highly praised. The reviews by Alix are as good as when participants receive feedback from a human coach.

alix blije deelnemers
Fast and accurate

Participants about Alix

Feedback from Alix is rated as high or higher than feedback from human coaches.

  • Praxis
    “In Alix's response, I read that my answers had been carefully considered. This makes me feel seen and taken seriously, and I like that!”
  • Zilveren Kruis
    “Clear feedback on points where I can still improve!”
  • Jumbo
    “You are taught in detail how to deal with customers and it is great to be assessed quickly.”
  • ANWB
    “I was skeptical, but pleasantly surprised by the approach and the feedback.”
  • ANWB
    “[...] Additionally, Alix’ feedback is very interesting and informative. I am very excited about this program. I have never seen anything like it in a customer service job.”

Application of artificial intelligence: this is how it works

For each new training course, the role plays of the first 50 to 100 participants are assessed by one of our own human coaches. Their input is passed on to Alix, which the system uses to learn what it is supposed to do. Alix listens to the recordings and checks whether the criteria are met. The feedback report states which competencies have been demonstrated and which have not, and a substantive explanation of these. Alix can work completely independently or in cooperation with a human coach.

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