Training & Assesment

You might want to train the sales skills of your staff to become the market leader or develop new forms of client-orientation and see your Net Promoter Score soar. We can help you achieve your goals. We address the relevant skills, offer insight and development, and book profit across the company or profession with soft skills. Where other solutions often end at creating awareness, we continue until we have a measurable result. Participants are inspired and your investment in learning will yield profit and see operating results improve substantially. We use a positive approach aimed at improving the communicative skills of your staff. Our customized approach concerns content but also tailors the design to your specific needs: whether you want live or online support or solo training or training with coaching. Insight into progress and practice are always combined in the optimal blend. View the case studies for concrete examples.

Soft skills are learned by doing, and you learn faster if you know you're doing it right. Our programs are focused on actively practicing these skills. Insight about the level and progress is given continuously during this process. Read more about the method and premises.