Academic skills

While the importance of soft skills for students is growing, the levels at which they possess these skills are often varied. Do they have the communication skills to conduct a good interview or to discuss and present their findings?

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The importance of customization

Only if a course or evaluation means something and reflects daily practice can the best possible results be achieved. The theme has to be framed in a way that matters and is familiar to the participant. Learning new skills is fun if you understand and experience the benefits. Meaning and understanding also involves familiar casuistry in terms of both content and look and feel. This makes it all the more important to combine expertise with an analysis of the question and identity of a company, target group, and context.

Examples of specific topics

  • Interview skills
  • Presenting
  • Discussing
  • Networking
  • Teaching
  • Negotiating
  • Giving content-related feedback

Examples of goals

  • Mastering interview techniques specific to the discipline
  • A measurable level of pitching, presenting, and qualitative research
  • Higher return on education through more practicing

Blended or online training with personal guidance

A live start and live end

The content of and enthusiasm for a program makes a live start an inspirational moment. The online coaches are sometimes present and usually a start is made with online training straight away. The online program lasts several weeks. This personal learning path is aimed at raising awareness, giving examples, practicing and acquiring new skills, and experimenting in work practice as you learn. Results are shown and celebrated during a live concluding meeting.

Online with remote personal guidance

Our online programs start with a baseline measurement in which the participant can identify possible areas for improvement through a self-assessment or an assessment by an expert. During the practice weeks, the participant follows a personal learning path. This is aimed at raising awareness, giving examples, practicing and acquiring new skills, and experimenting in work practice as you learn. Expert coaches provide feedback online and the achieved progress is clearly outlined in a final measurement.

The 7 unique characteristics of our approach

Our approach is defined by learning by doing. The participant benefits from the well-considered content, user-friendly software, and expert coaches. This is supported by data that helps to further personalize the interventions and provide the employer with aggregate information.

  1. TrainTool: award-winning software
  2. Measurable
  3. Fact-based & iterative
  4. Assessments & feedback
  5. Coaching
  6. Classroom
  7. Customization