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TrainTool is the most innovative software for actively training and testing communication skills. Tens of thousands of employees of large organizations and students in the Netherlands and abroad participate in our online programs. We have years of experience with implementing in complex organisations. Clients and participants appreciate the usability, service and solid software, also in the field of privacy and security. TrainTool has an impressive list of features. Innovation comes first, and together with clients and experts, the tool is constantly developed further.

Technology enhances the impact of human work

Engaged participants

Participants are enthusiastic about TrainTool. TrainTool makes it possible to offer thousands of participants a tailored program, supported by professional coaches. The user-friendly design and smart push notifications increase participation. 

  • Always customized with recognizable cases
  • Personal learning paths
  • Peer feedback and expert coaching

Measurable result

With online testing, we demonstrate whether someone has specific skills. Exercises are assessed on the basis of specific models, which results in reliable and detailed reports. Results often translate directly to, for example, a higher NPS or conversion.

  • Benchmark scores
  • Tailored reports
  • Demonstrable impact on business performance

Large groups efficiently trained

Spend more time on training and less time on red tape. Through years of experience, we can offer optimal support in the implementation within your organization, also in your own learning environment. TrainTool is scalable and ideal for large groups of participants.

  • Software developed fully in-house 
  • Active user support via telephone and chat
  • Part of blended learning programs

Satisfied users

94% of users consider TrainTool to be very user-friendly, and more than 85% indicate that the program in TrainTool was useful and informative.




Audio only

Personal learning paths

Peer and/or coach feedback

Speech recognition (in development)


Self and/or coach assessment

Feedback per exercise, competence and general

Benchmark scores


Scores per competency

Tailored reports

Statistical analyses

A/B testing


More training sessions in a fixed period


Reminders and notifications

Securing the skills with a refresher course





Internet Explorer







Custom e-mails


ISO 27001 certified

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TrainTool is the award-winning software of Faculty of Skills. The tool is used by large organizations in the Netherlands and abroad. Are you curious about how you can use TrainTool in your organization? Fill in your personal details and we will contact you.

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