large-scale soft skills development 

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Educational beliefs

6 educational beliefs underline our approach to soft skills development. Find them here

Smart software

For large scale development with personal learning paths, online training and assessment software is indispensable. Learn more

Relevant content

We swear by custom work, for the sake of the organization and the trainee. Learn more

Personal coaching

Very specific feedback on your communicative skills that is both very personal and highly applicable. Learn more

Large-scale development = TrainTool.

We exist to help organizations develop the soft skills of large groups of employees. Especially when there is a large geographical distribution of employees or high turnover.

Our way of development fits a lot of situations and it was even used in one-on-one coaching of CEOs. But for large-scale developmental questions, we are not scared to say that we are your best choice. The returns of our approach are considerably higher than of any other alternative.


The smartest way.

We make it possible to offer thousands of employees a personal learning path based on your organizational goal. We do this by a thorough understanding of your organization and by translating the newest educational insights to the smartest ‘blend’ of software, relevant content and personal coaching. Read more about:

Oh, and of course, the smartest way doesn’t exist. There’s always a smarter way, because your situation is unique, because there is new technology available or because we learn from our experiments that ‘how we always did it’ can be improved. Preaching the smartest way - as the smartest training company - is therefore not smug self-praise, but a burning ambition to learn what works best every day.