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The four prerequisites for success.

In every successful program that we have implemented with our clients, the trainees meet four prerequisites. We always assess to what extent each person meets these prerequisites and offer fitting interventions for the cases where this isn't the case.

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Soft skills should be hard.

When it comes to soft skills, one often focuses on identity: “she is unclear”. A normative and conclusive statement.

That’s a shame! Most of all because soft skills are only getting more and more important. With Google in your pocket and robotization around the corner, it’s less about what you know or can do, but more about how you collaborate with coworkers and clients.

A much more correct wording is: “she communicates unclearly”. It’s more objective and it offers perspective. By defining the desired communication skills precisely and measuring them objectively, development can be focused. And then you stay away from soft, judgmental opinions.

You learn skills by doing.

People might like to complicate things, but the simple truth about soft skills is that practice makes perfect. We experience this every day, but it’s also supported in science, for example in the 10,000 hours rule of Ericsson, Kolb’s learning circle and the brain learning principles. According to us, too many learning interventions are focused on the cognitive part of skills: knowing how it works and why it is relevant. The basis of all our programs? Practice, practice, practice.

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A personal path towards a shared goal.

As an organization, you have a clear ambition. Together, we determine where you want to go with your organization, but allow each trainee to get there in their own way. We do so because everyone relates to the four prerequisites in a different way and because everyone starts at a different skill level. Based on different diagnostic tools we determine someone’s level and which interventions would fit them best, in order to arrive at the same place together.

Custom is more effective than generic.

The basic skills that are necessary for giving feedback or having conversations with clients, are fairly generic. Nevertheless, we swear by customized content, for the sake of the organization and the trainee.

With customized content, the recognizability and face validity of assessments and training programs will increase, which is good for the learning experience. Our custom programs generally score a grade higher in participant reviews, with comments like “this resembles daily practice very closely”. And because the situation is recognizable, the relevance of the program is unmistakeable.

But the title also touches upon the most important thing: the transfer to daily practice. Because of recognizable custom situations, the trainee recognizes moments that are suitable for applying the newly learned skill.

customized soft skills training content
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Software: we don't know half of the possibilities.

E-learning used to be nothing more than a translation of the textbook to a website. Fortunately, we are way passed that. But we are convinced that we are just at the beginning. We have seen how video role plays made it possible to develop all employees of a company because the logistics of a development trajectory became drastically simplified. We have seen how trainees can practice more often, more specifically and for shorter amounts of time with a measurable effect. But in our “TrainTool labs” we see what developments like artificial intelligence, HR analytics and VR could generate. We have only just begun!

The questions are clear and recognizable. The exercises form a good preparation for the actual interviews.
Looking at others conducting interviews shows me how others are going at it, which made me less nervous already.
A clear overview and instructions, great acting and very useful tips!
Bank employee
When you first try it, it feels a little awkward, but you get used to it quickly. The situations are recorded in the showroom which makes it realistic and convincing, great!
Sales employee
I liked doing it, the situations are taken from actual practical experiences! I had to get used to the camera, though.
Bank employee

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