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Relevant and recognizable training content.

Grasping the theory around soft skills is usually not too complicated. Applying authentically it in real life is. That's why your simulations should closely match reality.

We follow this formula:

Relevance * Recognizability = Acceptance & Transfer to the workplace

Relevance is achieved by offering exactly the right chunk of content at the exact right time. Not too much, not too early. This is different for all users. It is, after all, of little use to have people practice situations that they feel are completely irrelevant for their current situation.

Recognizability concerns the realism of the simulations. Programs that closely match the daily work of our participants, receive significantly higher reviews from them and the application of skills in real life is much better.


Cases have clearly been developed in cooperation with colleagues from the field, which makes them very recognisable.
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Custom for your organization.

90% of the time, relevance and recognizability is only achieved with custom content. Based on experiences with hundreds of topics for a variety of participants in all industries, we know exactly which steps to take to efficiently develop a program that fits your needs. We move from design session to delivery in 6 to 12 weeks.

Each program contains weekly series of role plays filmed in our own studio or at a specific location, such as your work location, to optimize their recognizability. Simulations mirror the daily situations your employees are facing, while we're translating your organizational knowledge into specific behavior. Meanwhile, you are in complete control of your programs and will always remain the owner.

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