As a fast-growing Dutch company, we serve thousands of participants all around the world from our headquarters in Utrecht. Our team consists of didactic specialists, communication specialists, business specialists, psychologists and IT specialists. Experts in their fields who are driven by the goal to have a real impact in the area of soft skills.

TrainTool is a member of the professional organisation NRTO (Dutch Council of Training and Development) and offers students possibilities for internships and research. TrainTool has won prizes (E-learning Award, Accenture Innovation Award, Learning Technology Awards, amongst others) and is regularly featured in the media (Dutch).

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We offer (among other things)

  • A lot of opportunities and responsibility in a fast-growing organisation.
  • Ambitious, hard-working and fun colleagues.
  • A comfortable working space near Utrecht Central Station and the city centre.

Marijn de Geus Co-founder & CEO

After 10 years of being a management consultant at, amongst others, PWC, Marijn ran a successful assessment agency for years. From practice, he developed the idea for TrainTool, where he gives form to the vision of soft skill development as co-founder and CEO. He publishes on the field and has multiple advice and board positions.


Peter van der Reijden Co-founder & CCO

Where technology meets humans, Peter’s heart beats faster. He was marketeer at two fast-growing organizations and graduated with honours from RSM Erasmus University. He founded TrainTool with Marijn, where he is responsible for growth in and out of the Netherlands and he is interlocutor in large-scale trajectories.

Boudewijn van der Velde Head of Software Development

Boudewijn worked for large Dutch web development organizations before he made the switch to Philips. As product owner, he directed an application that stimulates thousands of people worldwide to live a healthier life. At TrainTool, Boudewijn manages the roadmap and he is in charge of the R&D team.


Irene van Vliet Head of Account Success

There are few people in the Netherlands with the experience in online learning like Irene. After different positions in the advertising, movie and television industry, she worked at TinQwise as team leader online learning solutions and member of MT. At TrainTool, she is responsible for the happiness of the biggest customers.


Joanneke de Borst Project Manager

Her background in psychology still helps Joanneke in collaborating with organizations like ABN AMRO and Ahold in the large-scale soft skill development of their employees.


Liza Meuldijk Support & Coach Team Manager

Liza is in charge of a team of 15 coaches and a team of 4 Support Engineers. In addition, she makes sure that individual trainees have a smooth and valuable experience.

Sander Metaal Consultant Analytics & Testing

As former researcher and data analyst for, amongst others, Motivaction, Sander develops our Communication Strengths Scans and he boosts data-based innovation.


Tamara Mesman Project Manager

Her degree in industrial and organizational psychology means that Tamara can offer professional collaboration to organizations like NS and KLM in their skill development.


Jan-Hendrik Vervelde Marketing Manager

Majored marketeer Jan-Hendrik combines your questions and problems with experiences from clients and with his colleagues’ insights in order to offer useful information.


Rosa Smits Project Assistant

Rosa makes sure that developmental projects at organizations like Rabobank and Utrecht University run successfully and she is closely involved in the production of training programs.

Rinke Perizonius Office Manager

Linguist Rinke supports the Management Team on all sorts of levels and makes sure that the office runs smoothly.


Richard van Aalst Front-end Developer

Richard has years of experience as a Front-end Developer, both freelance and working at different web agencies. At TrainTool, he is UX Designer as well as Front-end Developer.


Ibrahim Gerguri Account Manager

As majored economist, Ibrahim is in contact with international universities and organizations to see if they can improve their development.


Kirill Platonov Software Engineer

The last few years, Kirill worked on different projects in Russia and Ukraine, like the largest bus ticket platform of Eastern Europe. Now, he develops our mobile and web app.

Lian Blasse Project Manager

Lian helps teachers of almost all Dutch universities in implementing large-scale soft skill development for students in their courses.


Thomas Verdoes Content Developer

From the first talk with you and your trainees up to the completed training program, communication scientist Thomas designs all content and looks after it.


Mireille Goos Sales Consultant

With a background in both commercial and non-profit organizations, Mireille has a broad expertise. Her enthusiasm and drive to let people make the best out of themselves is visible in all her conversations. She aims to find the best learning solution together!


Wim Schellekens Consultant

After years as an education manager at several large organizations, Wim started his own training agency almost twenty years ago. Five years of collaborating with TrainTool led to the choice to join his live training programs with TrainTool's online offering.

Peter de Ruijter Software Engineer

After majoring in computer sciences in Leiden, Peter worked in fields such as machine learning at YoungCapital. With us, he is developing the training platform and finding new technologies to train even better. 


Ronald Hecker Software Engineer

Ronald has over 8 years of experience as programmer at, amongst others, Xparvision & Memocom. At TrainTool, he works on developing the mobile app and the back-end of the website.


Alquin Nooteboom Support Engineer

With his incisiveness, computer science student Alquin can find out where the problem is exactly, in order to solve it subsequently.

jasper cirkel fltr.png

Jasper Malgo Support Engineer

With a bulk of helpdesk experience, Jasper helps every client until they are happy.

Kars van Weeren Marketing Intern

Kars puts his International Bachelor of Communication & Media into practice in enhancing the marketing team.


Quinten Zuurbier Support Engineer

After his internship, master student Business Informatics Quinten stayed with us at Support. With his problem-solving attitude, he is guaranteed to be able to help stranded trainees.

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Our coaches

Derk-JanDrost cirkel 200.png

Derk-Jan Psychologist

Derk-Jan finds energy in giving participants insight in their functioning and development opportunities. In this process, he likes to dive into people's deeper drivers.

Ilse 300.png

Ilse Psychologist

With a background in psychology and a passion for coaching and communication, Ilse likes to help people enhance their skills or become more confident in using them more. She finds TrainTool's personal and individual approach very important.

Melissa Psychologist

By using her knowledge and experience from psychology in supporting participants, Melissa makes sure they enhance their self-knowledge and that they can implement these advantages in daily practice.

Melissa rond 300.png

Sanne Educational Psychologist

According to Sanne, the fascinating thing about coaching is the insights she can give to others about their communication style and the support she can offer to take their techniques to a higher level. In the end, the basis for each relationship is effective communication.


Tess Psychologist

As psychologist it is a passion of Tess to let others grow in their personalities. Since everyone is unique, it is a nice challenge to coach everyone in a personal manner and to help them strengthen their own talent.   


Élise Coach

With coaching Élise wants to help participants find their strengths. From this perspective she supports them in their development.

Kelly Psychologist

Kelly uses her background in neuropsychology to analyze participants' behavior in order to enhance their communication skills. Being able to help others improve is what drives her.


Ellen Psychologist

With her background in psychology and her passion for people and communication, Ellen is excited to help people grow through TrainTool.


Jorieke Psychologist

Having self-confidence is one of the most important aspects in life. Jorieke enjoys seeing the confidence boost people experience by developing their communication skills through TrainTool.

frouke rond 300.png

Frouke Psychologist

Frouke likes to share her knowledge and experience with conversation techniques from her background as a therapist. TrainTool, in her view, gives the optimal possibility to coach in the same way as the participants are trained to communicate: with a personal approach and with attention to content and form.

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