AI-coach Alix nominated for Learning Awards 2021

Geschreven door Henrieke Graven | November 23, 2020

Faculty of Skills has been nominated for the prestigious Learning Awards 2021. The program for health insurer Zilveren Kruis is a finalist in the Learning Technologies category. Artificial intelligence coach Alix plays an important role in that program.
The programme of Faculty of Skills is part of the onboarding programme for new service employees of Zilveren Kruis. Because of the rush at the end of the year, every year hundreds of new employees have to be trained in a short period of time. With the training programme they practice the skills needed for conversations with customers in TrainTool.

Artificial intelligence coach Alix

The program consists of a series of role plays with "customers" who call with a question. The employee speaks to the customer and records that response in TrainTool. Then, Coach Alix goes to work. This innovative application based on artificial intelligence was developed by Faculty of Skills and 'listens' to the participant's response. Alix then checks how the participant performed based on predefined criteria. This way, the participant quickly receives a detailed report with feedback on what went well and what could be improved. Automating this feedback is ideal for programmes involving large groups of participants, such as at Zilveren Kruis.

The Learning Awards

The Learning Awards have been around since 1996 and are given annually to the best, most innovative projects in the field of workplace learning worldwide. During a virtual presentation to the jury in London, the jury members said they were very impressed with the application of Alix. The winners will be announced in February 2021.

Not the first time

The programme for Zilveren Kruis has won awards before. In late 2019, the program won two Learning Technologies Awards in the categories Excellence in the design of learning content and Best use of blended learning.