• violin

      Virtuoso communication: training or talent?

      Communication is an art, people say. One can really be a talented communicator. This a nice and romantic view, but it can be pretty deceiving. Because just like every other skill, communication is...
    • whiteboard overleg

      The rise (and fall?) of communication training

      From traditional to online to VR: communication training changed a lot faster in this decade than in the dozens of years before. But will it still be important as chatbots take over our...
    • leren-spaced-learning-herhaling

      Spaced learning: the key to better training

      Instead of learning for long periods of time, it is better to divide the learning material and spread it over a longer period of time: spaced learning.
    • training-digital

      Training in the digital age: outdated or essential?

      Technological developments in the workplace contribute to an increasingly dynamic working environment. Employees are bombarded with emails and other impulses. Less time remains to keep skills on a...
    • training evalueren nieuwe stijl-1

      A new style of evaluating training programs: the Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model

      Dr. Will Thalheimer designed the Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model, which states that training has only been successful when the participant applies the learned material in their behavior....
    • always-learning

      The learning trend of 2018: always-on learning. But how?

      Times change, and for companies this means that always-on learning is becoming the new standard. If employees are not able to continuously learn new, more general skills, wherever and whenever they...
    • sociaal-leren

      Social learning: how to stimulate feedback in e-learning

      Psychologist Bandura defined it as ‘Learning through observing and imitating the behavior of others’. Social learning is an important concept in e-learning, which works by looking at responses and...
    • airplane-1

      From KLM to client contact centre: the importance of communication and cultures

      The world is still getting smaller by the day, and as a result there is more communication between all sorts of different cultures. This kind of communication leads to many different subtleties and...
    • meten vaardigheden

      How to measure communication skills online?

      Knowing what your strengths are provides you with self-confidence and enables you to do even more with the skills you already possess. Besides that, knowing what skills you can and want (!) to...
    • Hoe verplicht  ik mijn training-1

      How to make my training program mandatory?

      In my previous article, I discussed how making training programs mandatory boosts participation, causing participants to learn more and put this into practice. Despite the fact that some clients find...