• fog-gedrag-communication

      Changing employee behavior with Fogg's 3 steps

      Changing the behavior in your organization means that employees have to work on themselves. This usually comes with some resistance. Use this insight!
    • train-inhouse-coach

      Train your in-house coach!

      In-house coaches or ‘buddies’ haven’t trained the right soft skills to excel as coach. So, train your in-house coaches!
    • alfa beta soft skills

      Arts vs natural sciences: Interdisciplinary (mis)communication?

      What effect does the distinction between the natural sciences and the arts have on the way that academic skills that are necessary for both parties are taught?
    • kolb-training-in-circles-s.png

      Infographic: David Kolb: Training in circles

      Learning never stops. It is a circular process, says education scientist David Kolb. See why you should train in circles in this infographic!
    • technologie-toekomst-1

      6 reasons why it's time for mobile training

      Nowadays, a large part of daily activities is done in the palm of your hand. Isn't it strange that you aren't able to follow a training session the same way?
    • train-je-interne-coach

      Mobile, Online Role Play for Learning: KLM’s experiences

      KLM trainers constantly travel around the world to offer specific training sessions. Using online applications, a more effective solution was found.
    • Talent-development

      11 indispensable soft skills for students

      Students notice both during and after their studies that they haven't yet mastered some essential soft skills. We look at 11 indispensable skills for students!
    • cellphonebusiness

      Training online communication: 4 methods

      Training communication skills can be done in many different ways, especially online. We take a closer look at 4 methods. What are the options?
    • How-to-Deliver-a-World-Class-Presentation 626.jpg

      Infographic: How soft skills help deliver a world class presentation

      75% admit to being scared of public speaking. In this infographic, we give you some tips on how to improve your presentations and make that fear go away.
    • DeDraaidag 626.png

      Video: Filming online role plays at TrainTool

      When we have video shoot, the project manager plays an important role. He or she is the director of the day! Take a look behind the scenes!