• image infographic rollenspellen EN

      Infographic: 4 types of online role plays

      Faculty of Skills uses different kinds of role plays to train employees at all kinds of organizations. In this infographic we present you with 4 different types of role plays that can be used for...
    • toekomst-winkelstraat

      What HR Can Do for the Future of the Shopping Street

      Faced with intense competition from online stores, retailers are searching high and low for staff which is customer-oriented and able to provide excellent service.
    • vaardigheden-winkelpersoneel

      This is what the modern customer expects from sales personnel

      To prevent the shopping streets in the Netherlands from becoming completely vacant, the term ‘experience’ might present the magical solution. This, in turn, demands that sales personnel possess a...
    • eindejaarsgesprek

      Do you make these 5 mistakes in your annual review?

      As 2018 is coming to an end, many managers have annual reviews on their schedule. Make sure you don’t make these five mistakes!
    • Waarom soft skills niet mogen ontbreken in een leven lang leren-1

      Why soft skills shouldn’t be excluded from lifelong learning

      Being successful in the working environment of the 21st century requires a constant development of skills. Often, people think that only technical skills have to be developed to keep up with change....
    • feedback formatief toetsen

      Learning from feedback with formative testing

      Most people who receive education don’t know any better: you get lessons, then you get a test that will be graded. If at the end you meet the standard, you pass. After this, the testing often starts...
    • Een beknopte handleiding voor coachend leiderschap-1

      A concise manual to coaching leadership

      Coaching leadership is a popular leadership style. The term ‘coaching’ might suggest that a lot of guidance is given to employees. However, the very opposite is true! Discover in what way coaching...
    • Is jouw organisatie klaar voor de carrière van de toekomst?-1

      Is your organization ready for the career of the future?

      Careers are increasingly looking like a succession of learning experiences. Instead of the job itself, personal development now takes central stage. So, personal development is becoming more and more...
    • camera-shyness

      4 tips to prevent camera shyness in online training

      Camera shyness is a widely known problem, which can be very unpleasant. That’s why we present you in this blog with 4 tips to overcome camera shyness for trainees.
    • meeting-werkvloer

      Unarmed conversation: the art of nonviolent communication

      We all do it every day: connecting. We are all busy with connecting and we are proud of it. But in daily practice, both in the working environment and at home, we are unwittingly more dividing than...